Latin America Webinar January 18th 2023

Discover our latest APU focused digital services! To participate, please email us:

Predictive Care is an APU predictive maintenance tool packaged with our APU experts, to provide you real-time APU maintenance advisories & engineering support.
Capabilities: APS3200, APS5000, 131-9A, 131-9B, PW980A, PW901A/C

Fuel Saver allows real time APU usage monitoring, dispatch readiness & automated CO2 reports, providing an overview of turn-around operations.
Capabilities: A320, A330, A350, A380, 737, 747, 787

Combined, these services can save yearly up to 60K USD per aircraft through extended Time-On-Wing, fewer auto shutdown events, reduced BER rate & fuel consumption.

Join our live demo from our APU experts, we will be at your disposal to answer any questions.