Predictive Optimization for Revima’s Supply Chain by Lokad


Proud to announce the deployment of a predictive optimization solution to upgrade its supply chain, in partnership with Lokad.
The goal is to reduce the TAT (turn-around-time) for APU & Landing Gear repair and overhaul operations and to optimize inventory costs for spare parts.

This technology features probabilistic forecasting and differentiable programming, which are both recent breakthroughs for aviation supply chain. On the one hand, probabilistic forecasting applied to demand, lead time and scrap rate embraces the very high uncertainty and variability in aviation. On the other hand, differentiable programming allows to automatically extract patterns from complex supply chain processes, as found in the maintenance operations associated with aviation components.

Olivier Legrand, Revima Group President & CEO, said: “Aviation has been promised inventory optimization solutions since I started my career over three decades ago. However, every time, aviation proved too hard: too many parts, too many processes and too little volume. With Lokad, we have finally found a partner that can integrate the aviation expert knowledge of Revima’s teams right into our systems. And its’ AI, as ‘augmented intelligence’ for aviation, combines latest Artificial Intelligence technology with Data Scientists screening the data.”

Joannes Vermorel, Lokad CEO, commented: “Aircraft component Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul is one of the most maddeningly challenging supply chain there is – even by aviation standards. It took Lokad almost a decade of intense aviation-centric R&D and experience to even make possible the optimization of a supply chain like Revima’s. Lokad is presently already optimizing more than 1 billion USD worth of aerospace assets, including aircraft engines. The digital transformation plan of Revima will let us redefine what supply chain efficiency means for aviation MRO.”