New brand identity and service offering

Revima unveils its new brand identity and broader service offering in answer to its customers’ expectations. Furthermore, Revima has announced strengthening its international footprint.

The choice of adopting the brand Revima for its entire service-offering, accompanied by a new visual identity went hand in hand with a strategic process on branding. Revima, recognized internationally for its unique capabilities in APUs and Landing Gears, will be the brand of choice. The dynamic colors chosen for the new visual identity comprise a deep blue representing reliability and know-how, as well as a vibrant orange, representing warmth and friendliness, with an objective to underscore the group’s vision.

In this respect, the new visual identity is backed by the baseline « Service is our passion », bringing more dynamism and customer proximity. By using the term « passion », Revima’s new baseline is designed to highlight its employees. It illustrates the values of the company: commitment, team spirit, keeping it simple and well-being.