Predictive maintenance

Through advanced prognosis, diagnosis, analysis and trend we optimize APU on wing operations.
Integrated into one specific team, our Fleet Management service provides :

  • Alerting and anomaly detection
  • Typical health monitoring tools
  • Advanced predictive maintenance recommendations
  • Reliability tracking
  • Fuel saving, optimization
  • BER mitigation thru Machine Learning algorithms
  • 24/7 analytical support
Revima benefits from over 50 years of APU repair, diagnostics, reliability and technical expertise.
Integrated into one specific fleet management team, a perfect one-stop shop for demanding operations.

New service

REVIMA Ground Power Optimization (GPO)

GPO is a global offering including 3 services

  • Maintenance

    APU maintenance

  • Ground

    GPU/ACU supply

  • Digital service

    One single platform
    to optimize ground
    power supply
    (360° view)

Digital service with REVIMA unique and patented platform Flightwatching, which aims to:

  • Control and optimize the end-to-end ground power/air conditioning supply
  • Full and real-time connectivity


  • Breaking silos and committing on total operating cost reduction
  • Increase APU dispatch reliability
  • Decrease APU fuel costs
  • Decrease MRO costs
  • Improve environmental footprint