Over the last 60 years, Revima has built a solid MRO expertise, and is now one of the world leaders in its sector thanks to on time delivery, dedicated customer support, worldwide AOG Support 24/7, comprehensive documentation delivery, back to birth traceability, pool access, full in-house repair capabilities.

This service has unique capabilities in APUs, Landing Gears, and associated LRUs.

Leadership Team

Jean-Pierre Garampon

Managing Director


Arnaud Barassi

APU Services

Jean-Pierre Garampon

Landing Gear Services

Nathalie Carpentier

Nathalie Carpentier

Human Resources

Véronique RIOU

Véronique Riou

Facilities Maintenance


Pascal Pesqueux


Sebastien Butaeye

Sebastien Butaeye

Continuous Improvement

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Bill Gates

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Steve Jobs

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