Fleet Management

Through advanced prognosis, diagnosis, analysis and trend monitoring, this service offers optimized APU on-wing operations.

Integrated into one specific team, our Fleet Management service is the perfect one-stop shop for demanding operations.


Typical health monitoring tools

Advance graphical interface

System visualization

Parameter and prognostic alerting & trending


Health monitoring

Parameter trending

Data visualization and animation

Fleet health matrix and fleet trending


Key system benefits

Fix it the first time

Repair validation

Adaptive maintenance program

Revima benefits from over 45 years of APU repair, diagnostics, reliability and technical expertise. Integrated into one specific team, the fleet management division is the perfect one-stop shop for demanding operations.

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REVIMA Director Fleet Management Mimi Correa

Mimi Correa


REVIMA Engineer Fleet Management Jérôme Nicolle

Jérôme Nicolle


REVIMA Engineer Fleet Management Magdalena Trzeciakowska

Magdalena Trzeciakowska


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