About APU

About APU


45 Years of APU Repair Experience you can rely on:

  • Customer Focused Centers of Excellence
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • LRU Specific Team
  • On time delivery
  • APU/LRU pool in Paris CDG
  • 24/7 AOG support
  • On site freight forwarder


We listen and adapt to our Customer’s expectations:

  • Time & Material, Pay per Hour, Cost Guarantees
  • APU & LRU Pool Access
  • Field Service
  • Tailored APU workscopes
  • Technical records assistance
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • On site working Parties


From Regional to Very Large Aircraft APUs, we have in-house repair capabilities to support your operations:

  • High Capacity Cleaning Lines
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • State of the Art Balancing Machines
  • Electrical Harnesses Reconditioning
  • Comprehensive LRU shop
  • Eddy Current, Blade Frequency Inspections, FPI
  • Bearing Laboratory
  • 3D Measuring Machine
  • Multimodel Quick connect /disconnect APU test cells


Our Team focuses everyday on delivering unparalleled Customer Value:

  • World Leading Reliability, Quality & Safety
  • Unique One Stop Shop Capability
  • Stable Workforce
  • Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Interactive Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Visual Factory
  • Quality Clinic Process
  • Customer Program Reviews
  • Environmentally friendly processes

Product Capabilities

Our mission is to offer our customers a one-stop APU services solution, whatever the composition of their APU fleet. This is why we make a point of being the world’s most comprehensive APU repair facility. Our team of professionals is currently able to service APUs installed on the following aircraft:

AIRBUS A300 / A300-600 / A310 / A320 Family / A380

BOEING 727 / B737 Classic & NG / B747-400 / B757

B767 / B787 / MD80 / DC10 / MD11


EMBRAER ERJ 135 / 140 / 145 / E-J.-C.ET


SAAB 2000

BOMBARDIER Dash 8 (All models)

APU Capabilities List


LRU Capabilities List


Please find below downloadable versions of our APS5000 and APS2300 brochures:


We have developed a broad in-house capacity for the maintenance and repair of APU components and Line Replaceable Units (LRUs).
This enables us to maintain better control of repair TAT, quality and cost.


Key component maintenance capabilities include:

– On-site plasma coating

– Tri-dimensional Component Measurement Machine (CMM)

– Four balancing units and two state-of-the-art grinding machines

– Dedicated laboratory for bearing inspection

– Multi-product engine test cells


Our comprehensive LRU maintenance capabilities cover most of the LRUs installed on the APU models we support.
Our multi-product test benches ensure flexibility and on-time delivery to delight our customers. If you need more information, please download the file :


We have developed a strong experience in the support of regional aircraft APUs. To find out more, please download the file :

Member ERA

Leadership Team

Matthieu Lenhardt

Matthieu Lenhardt

APU Services

Olivier Bertrand

Olivier Bertrand

P&W Canada 900 Series APUs

Philippe Follin

Philippe Follin


Elie Baufume

P&W Aeropower APUs

Maxime Thebault

Maxime Thebault

Honeywell APUs

Ludovic Vauthier

Shared Operations

David Friboulet

David Friboulet

Shop Planning

François Louis

François Louis

Technical & Innovation Center

Business Development Team

Olivier Hy

Olivier Hy

APU Leasing

Ray Reman

Ray Reman

Antony Gamiette

Antony Gamiette

Middle East

Soon Lee Tan

Soon Lee Tan


Dan Sheets

Dan Sheets


My APU Customer Web Portal

Within this portal, you will be able to access important information relative to the repair of your APU in a very efficient manner.

For your convenience, information is secured and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the added benefit of being located in a single location.

To obtain access to this important tool, please contact your APU Repair Administrator.

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